Monday, February 11, 2013

Day 8 clean eating...1 week done!

Day 8
One week down :)
So I'm one week down today and going strong, no to say though I haven't have had my struggles. I'm very nervous about my upcoming birthday, not that I'm getting another year older, but because the foods that usually come along with a birthday.
On your birthday you feel entitled to have what ever comes in sight. You want all your yummy treats around at your whim. This year I will not have foods dictate to me what I enjoy on my birthday. I will make clean foods and stick to a clean diet. I found a cake mix that is clean, it is spied cake, usually not a birthday staple. None the less I will eat it and say yum :)
On my menu for today:
Breakfast =
protein drink made with almond milk
Lunch =
chicken veg soup
Dinner =
pinto beans chicken strips
salad w/avacado
Snack = berries and apple
I no longer have shake in pm, it keeps me awake so I switched to fruit
My verse for today:

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