Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Day 16 clean eating (tues)

Day 16 (Tues)
Today was an OK day, a little stressed but whats new!
Stress is a funny thing it comes and goes in waves and for the first time I'm not filling it with chips and soda. I try really hard to keep my mind busy with stuff so I don't think about that. Some days it is harder than others.
I'm proving to myself everyday I can do this, and nothing will stop me being the best me. I discovered there are so many obstacles in eating a clean diet. Going out with family, parties, and just everyday living. I have to make a choice every min of every day, do I eat this or that, do I say no or just let the person know why I cant eat what they give me. I'm learning on how to put my needs first. So onto new days new trials, the difference, I'm armed with the words to say :
 NO thank you, I don't need to eat that why you say? because I'M WORTH IT!
On my menu today:
protein drink made w/chocolate almond milk
chicken thighs
chicken strips
blueberries, blackberries w/cashews
My verse for today:

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