Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Day 2 Clean eating

Day 2
So another day down and I made it!
It was long day for me, I had lots on my mind and wanted to stress eat. I amazed myself and found out I can do it if I stay focused.
My food today I tried to mix it up and try new things. My new thing: avocado dressing. I made it with avocado and cilantro and jalapeno and water. Turned out great. Its a keeper! I wasnt sure how I was going to live without my dressing but I'm finding a way by making my own version.
So weigh-in is tomorrow, I'm nervous because when ever I change the way I eat or exercise I tend to gain. So I will pray it will be fine as soon as I find my groove with this clean eating.
Here is what was on my menu today:
Breakfast =
protein drink made w/ rice milk and mango
Lunch =
bison chili made w/ pinto beans and toms
salad w/avocado dressing
Dinner =
baked chicken
salad w/avocado dressing
Snacks =
protein drink made with coconut milk and cherries
So onto a new day! I'm feeling good a little foggy still but not as bad as I have had before. I know the withdrawals will only last a few days so I'm good with that.
 My verse for today is:
Have a blessed night all!

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