Monday, February 11, 2013

Day 6/7 clean eating

Day 6/7 the weekend
It was one roller coaster of a weekend for trying to eat clean.
I had the munchies from hell and I ate to many nuts! I did manage to stay clean but dam it was hard! I just wanted to say "F" this and eat what ever, I had a moment where I even wanted to sneak something. I talked myself out of it. I really want to do this 30 day cleanse and do it right. All my life I have never completed this struggle I have with weight and I'm determined to. I want to be in control, not food in control of me.
On my menu this weekend:
Sat Day 6
Breakfast =
protein shake made with almond milk
Lunch =
chicken w/salad
Dinner =
porcupine meatballs made with ground chicken and bison
snack =
raisins and mixed nuts
Sunday Day 7
Breakfast =
protein drink made with almond milk
Lunch =
perch w/salad
made nut cheese with rice crackers
Dinner =
made rice tortillas
pinto beans
Snack =
nuts and raisins
So the next few days I'm laying off nuts, they did get me through this hard weekend but I don't want to stall my weight loss and cleanse.
So new goals for the week will be posted in tonight's blog
Have a safe and healthy day!
Here is my verse/prayer for today

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