Thursday, February 7, 2013

Day 4 clean eating

Day 4
Managed today to stay clean. I did have a few more snacks than usual, but managed to eat clean foods only.
I was so hungry for comfort foods, I wanted the crunch of a chip and the bubble of a soda. I did it, I stayed away from the food monsters! Don't get me wrong I loved the food I had today, but it wasn't fulfilling my want for salt and sugar. I was frustrated a few times and said why? Why should I do this? Then I quick self talked and said remember how good the belly feels. No pains no nausea, no feeling like I want to cut my gut out of me. So it put me back on track and I completed another clean day.
Here is what was on my menu today:
Breakfast protein drink made w/ coconut milk
chili con carne
cashews and sunflower seeds
chicken fried brown rice
protein drink made w/ coconut milk
My verse for today:
I will not be lazy in the things I do!

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