Sunday, February 17, 2013

Day 13/14 (weekend)

Day 13 and 14 The weekend!
This was the first birthday weekend, since I can remember, I didn't eat what ever I wanted. I didn't treat myself to my most favorite piece of yummy cake. I didn't treat myself to the dinner I always have. I didn't go to my favorite restaurant and chow on all the goodies. I didn't go to the movies and eat popcorn and a hot dog with 2 mt.dews by my side. I didn't lay around and eat junk all day.
But guess what I also didn't do? I didn't have a belly ache. I didn't have to worry about headaches from to much sugar. I didn't have to throw up at 3 am because I binged on all my favorite birthday foods. I didn't have to beat myself up today knowing I blew a whole week just because it was a "ME" week.
I'm proud of myself. I had 2 trips to restaurants and 1 to the movies and the whole time I had to self talk. I even found myself telling my kids and wife and grand kids to try things so I knew how they tasted, lol, I later thought about it and made me kind of sad that I give that much power to food. I will never do that again. I will make sure I lead by example and teach them food should never be eaten for pleasure but to make you feel better because you can feel the "good" foods doing what they need in your system.
I did miss a protein drink and man I felt it. I was sluggish all day, give me back my green sludge lol, I need those vitamins and energy to keep up with my life. So no more skipping those for sure!
So here is what this weekend looked like, it looks weird but menu at restaurant was limited and I wanted to stay clean. I'm happy to say I DID IT!
Sat day 13
Nada was full from breakfast
chicken and bean chime chunga
made w/rice flour tortilla
almonds and black bean chips
Sunday day 14
protein drink made with chocolate almond milk (can I say YUMMY)
black bean chips and salsa
Turkey chime chunga
made w/rice flour tortilla
guacamole w/black bean chips
almond w/ rice milk chocolate bar
I learned a lot about myself this weekend and I can honestly say I'm on the right track. I made it through the fire and I know I can succeed!
Here is my verse for today:

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