Friday, February 8, 2013

Day 5 clean eating

Day 5
Today was some what of a hard day, had lots to do and I'm really tired today. I did manage to stay clean! I was kind of proud of my self. Last night I was craving something for comfort and nope I didn't do it. I was so tempted just to have a nibble. I talked and talked to myself, sounds crazy but dang I had to, I really want this to work.
So as I pat myself on my back I have to say I was really creative in my meals today and all of them tasted awesome! I love that I can turn a few ingredients and make the bomb meal.
On my menu today:
Breakfast =
protein drink made with coconut milk
Lunch =
Chicken with pinto beans
Dinner =
chicken fajitas wrapped in romaine lettuce wraps
pinto beans
Snack =
protein drink made with coconut milk
Verse for today

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