Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Day 15 clean eating (mon)

Day 15
I cant believe I'm on day 15 and haven't cheated!!
Woot Woot and hurrah for me!!
Well today was another party, this time for my grandson. It was pizza chips and soda, oh yeah the awesome looking cake to top it off. I smelt it, I admired it but I didn't eat any of it. My wonderful wife of mine made sure I had a clean plate of food. I had a great time and I had a weird thing happen

The chains that bind me to food felt like they have been broken. I have held my own against the most hardest times confronting foods and I won!!
I feel now as though I can do this, I can actually get this monster under control.
My trick, well every time I look at those foods I try to remember my belly aches, my headaches, my ability not to run and do the things I want to do. That snaps me into a place of pain, and with pain in mind, I say NO to those foods that hurt me!
I control food it DOESN'T control me!
Here is what was on my menu today:
Protein drink made with coconut milk
chicken avocado salad
chicken strips w/honey
My inspiration for today:

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