Wednesday, March 11, 2015

All the balls must stay in the air!

As we are heading into spring I find myself wondering if I will make my goal by summer? I get so focused on the future I forget to relish the here and now. I cant let myself forget to be happy with what I have accomplished now and still work for what I desire.
I have been working out at-least 5-6 times a week for the past year. Even when I fractured my foot and wear a boot cast for 6 weeks, pulled out my shoulder and had to do rehab, was diagnosed with early onset dementia. 

I stayed focused and I really feel committed to being the best me. I have some in my life that just don't get that. They will say things like you look fine the way you are. You don't need to work out so hard. I think you  are over doing it.
Well I don't have time for that foolish talk. The one thing I took away from all the struggles of 2014 is that I'm stronger then I ever gave myself credit for, and I know I can make it through anything. I will not let this weight issue of mine win.
end of 2013

Feb 2015

I'm excited to see where my journey takes me :) 
I know one day I will not remember this girl I see in this pic, bu for now I will keep those balls in the air juggling as long as I can. When the day comes when I can no longer move, or remember, I will have these pictures to reflect back on, and I hope have someone to tell me abut this strong willed woman in these pics. 
Don't forget to journal your journey through pictures and letters, blogs, you name it. When you are gone this is your legacy. What will be your legacy? 
I know mine is to let woman out there know, no matter the issue that faces you in life, you can do anything you have put your heart and soul into. 

So get out of your own way and let yourself find happiness you deserve. Do not take time and wait because tomorrow is not promised!