Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Day 3 clean eating

Day 3
Today was my weigh-in day, I have lost 3 lbs!! Woot Woot!!
I was so happy to see that, I had thought for sure I was going to have a bad weigh-in because of Superbowl day.
So onto the nitty gritty of my day. I'm on day 3 going strong. I still feel kind of blah but I had only 4 hrs sleep last night and have been on the go all day.
I do like the dishes I have been creating, I so love the stir fry I made tonight.
As I was eating it I kind of felt guilty I loved it so much, but then I thought why should I? This is some good food,  I have to get it out of my mind food is bad. I have to learn to re love food but in a good way.
Here what was on my menu today:
Breakfast =
protein shake made w/ rice milk
Lunch =
left over chicken on salad bed
Snack =
Dinner =
left over night :)
had some bison chili and made stir fry from left over baked chicken
Snack =
protein drink made w/coconut milk
My verse for today
I put this one up because after a night of worry I was blessed today. I was driving down the road and it happened and I wept like a baby. I was having my eyes opened once again. I will never, ever lose my faith again.

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