Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Day 20 & 21 clean eating.... Weekend!

Day 20 & 21
This weekend was by far fast and furious! I had made a bad move going to a asian buffet! I thought, in my heart and mind, I would be ok and make good choices. I made it all the way to the end and wham!
The chicken nugget and onion ring called my name! I swear! Not, I just had one of each but after I ate it I was reminded real quick why I shouldn't eat that junk.
I went home and that night I woke up with the worse stomach pains ever! I ended up being sick for 2 days because of one poor choice. Was it worth it? No!
So I know I messed up my 30 day stretch with only 10 days remanding, can you say self-sabotage! I guess in my sub conscious I made myself fail, I always do for some weird unexplained reason. I really need to find the root to this issue, or I'm bound to repeat it.
Here is what was on my menu for the weekend:
Breakfast: both days had protein drink made with rice milk
Lunches: chicken and salad
Dinner on sat: Asian foods :/
Dinner on Sunday: chicken nuggets and avocado salad

Here is my verse for this weekend!


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