Monday, February 4, 2013

Day 1 Clean Eating

Day 1
So I'm done with day 1 and it went better than I thought. I have to say you have to be way more creative when it comes to cooking. I have a lot to learn on how to make foods yummy without all the cream, cheeses and processed stuff.
I don't really like the drinks in a.m. and p.m. but I'm determined to get over the texture issue and let the taste come into play. So here is what I had today:
Breakfast =
protein drink made with coconut milk
Lunch =
chicken salad w/ avocado dressing
1/2 apple
Dinner =
chicken stir fry w/brown rice
salad w/ tomatoes
1/2 apple
Snack =
protein drink made with coconut milk
So onto more reading on how to make me not fail at this, I have such a weak spot for yummy foods. I need to keep myself in check, thank goodness for my support team.
I hope that my pain will be gone within a few weeks of this. I plan on doing this for 30 days to see how it helps my body, not just in weight-loss but my main goal is to be pain free.

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