Thursday, February 28, 2013

Day 24 Clean eating (wed)

Day 24
It's weigh-in day!
Drum roll please........
2 lbs down this week!!
So today was another busy day, had to shovel, which I used as a form of exercise. I crouched and used different body parts to make it a good workout. Man last night I sure felt it, I was sore and in need of a major rub down! But I have to say I felt good and it gave me the energy I needed to finish my day strong.
Food cravings are still there but I have control this week so that's all good. I have 7 days left until the end of this cleanse so I'm super happy about that! I will, how ever, be eating clean 90% of the time after that until I hit my goal weight. This IS the year, I've spent to many years saying this and not completing it. I will not be ruled by fat!
So here is what was on the menu for today:
protein drink made w/rice milk
chicken strips
avocado salad
bison tacos
berries, nuts
My verse for today:

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