Friday, May 4, 2012

Good of day as any to start again!

So here I go again and I hope I will have support this time.
I do think it is so helpful to have that in life, someone to confide in and share with even if it is people in cyber world. I have to grab all the help I need at this time. Its been a long and crazy process trying to lose these unwanted lbs. I'm determined to do so!
When I was watching the B.L. they had a show with the First Lady on it. She wanted us to join this group online and track exercise days and the winner won a gym for there community(not us the player we joined under) and the one I joined was Kim's, she is just awesome! I think its weird though because in the beginning I just didn't care for her but as the shows passed I grew more and more fond of her. Why you ask? Because she reminded me that all of us has demons we try and hide from try to pretend are not there. She put her mind to it and said you know what I don't care if I make friends I'm doing this for me and mine. I like that kind of spunk!
So these past few days have been good, I started reading this new book that helps people with Fibro, its good so far. I started the diet it listed and said my pains should be next to nothing within 2 months, we will see? I'm not fond of the food choices but anything to be out of the pain I'm in. I also went to lunch with my little sis yesterday, it was the end of our 10 week challenge, she won. I wasn't to worried I knew I was going to gain and not lose, I just didn't feel like I had the WANT in me. We had a great talk and decided to do another but 8 week challenge this time. I'm excited because I now have the WANT to do this. I read this book and it was like God himself put this in my hands to know I'm not in this battle alone. So onto new days I will be posting daily on here please feel free to write and comment and let me know some topics you want to discuss, and also if you want to join the weekly challenge I would love that :)
peace out to all my cyber friends til next time...

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