Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Weigh-in day!

I've come to a conclusion, once again, I just cant do diets!
I hate them, I feel restricted and not good, then I end up gaining! so I'm making up my own food plan.
I have been reading a book on foods that help fibro, very interesting I might say.
I believe as it does in order to be a better all around person you must treat food as fuel. Eat whole-foods, unprocessed foods!
I have a bad habit of eating due to my feelings and not listening to my  knowledge of foods I know will help me, and what they do to my body. I'm a emotional eater, I eat when I'm happy, sad, mad, glad!
 I need to learn how to conquer this demons! I have a will like no other to feel better but some days I just say wtf and forget my goals and eat everything in site. I cant do this anymore I feel out of control and I'm in  funk daily.
So here I go again new weigh-in was bad, up again, I'm so over this battle, wasted days and weeks.
I'm in this to win this battle against the bulge. I AM WORTH IT!!
 so onto a new day and new foods to try
Peace Love Joy!

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