Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Log it and know it!

So another week has ended, and weigh-in is tomorrow. How did I do? I'm not sure this past week I had a lot of ups and downs with not only my eating but my pain from Fibromyalgia.
It has been hard to get my mind on me. It sounds funny but I help everyone in my life but me. I just cant seem to get on board with my life = helping others, without my life there will be no helping others. So I have to put me first right?
Some times as a woman we are expected to be all and everything to our families, I think they think we are super hero's with the will to conquer all! Not this lady, I'm getting tired of the cape and tights!
I got so over whelmed this past week I actually considered going nuts, yes you read it right, I was on my way over the top and falling fast down the slippery slope of doom. I just felt tired and I was in pain and this eating crap sucks! Seems like the more healthy I eat the more weight I gain? Just my luck I tell yeah!
So tomorrow is a new day and always a new start. I will pick myself up again and move on, I know that this to shall pass and the trials in my life are many but I can overcome all if I remember in the end we all was here trying to live.
I will take this next week serious I will write daily on my food tolerances and times ate. I will make daily challenges for myself.
I have to figure out this body of mine. I've been reading books about my condition, tons of info out there, but like many diet books I take them with a grain of sand. I use to get all gun-ho about a new book I read and its miracle that was inside, only to find out it reeked havoc on my body and topped it off if I restrict calories like they say, my body gains rapidly.
Things I have come to a conclusion:

  • diets don't work
  • "Real" food works
  •  counting calories are waist of time
  • listen to my body it knows what it needs
  • water is disparately needed in order to lose weight
  • balance is key
  • processed is the devil
I have come to a point in life, well I have to say again, where I need to make myself accountable for making my bodies ailments go away. I can bitch all I want but in the end its me who is in charge not the food, not the stress of life, me that's who I'm in charge! Now to make my head believe that!
My stress levels are so bad right now, my children I worry about daily, I know they are grown but dang a mother never stops worrying! He is in a bad place mentally and has no outlet to get it off his chest. He has struggled for years and its so hard as a mom not to be able to take that pain away. I just pray he never goes through with it, I don't know what I would do, but I digress that's another story all together. Back to me, I will succeed I have to believe!
Live Laugh Love I always say Peace Love Joy!

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