Thursday, May 24, 2012

Food to eat or not to eat to much!

Food Log for Wed. 5/23/12

I will be logging my food consumption from previous day. 
Yesterday was a crazy day, full of confusion and ended up not so good. Here is how it played out:
breakfast was at OK time, I hear its great to eat in the first hour you wake but man its hard. I wake to get my brother ready medications done, then its time for me, so I ate

  • 1 egg, slice of dry toast, 1/2 tomato, 1/4 c. cottage cheese
I felt OK was a little on the down side because of head cold I have going on, I spent most of the morning reading this new book I have on what to eat when you have Fibromyalgia. It put me in a tail spin of confusion, I just got done with this other book that told me so many different things. I hate this!! Makes me so confused, then I had a aha moment and said I have to make my own plan and put down how foods make me feel when eaten. I'll make my own diet up as I go. 
So after all that craziness, I was getting hungry, and realized it was going on 4pm! I missed my lunch and snack from earlier and now I'm starved, not good! So I ate:

  •  handful of almonds (as I was looking for food to stuff in my mouth)
  • ice cream with chocolate fudge and almonds on it ( I was given so I ate because I was starved)
  • pasta with mixed peppers, grilled chicken breast ( was suppose to be for lunch)
  • chips(because of course I need salty after something sweet)
  • 3 glasses of pop( to wash down all that garbage)
  • 5 girl scout cookies(to top off my sugar craze I was on)
So the night closes and I'm feeling like crap from all the poor food choices, funny how your mouth gets away from you before you know it you eat the whole dam kitchen up!  
So today I'm going to try to eat every few hours and log my food intake again tomorrow.

It's a long journey but I know I will get there! I know I can do this I just have to, I want to be there for my family, not just on the sidelines, but actively playing a roll in their lives!
Onto a better day(I pray) and 
Peace Love Joy!

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