Thursday, May 17, 2012

I'm my own worse enemy!

I made it through the day yesterday, day 2 on my new eating plan. I would say all in all it was so hard to do. I have such a hard time with sweets, ugh, I just wanted chocolate sooo bad! I know it was my crazy food-enticed mind playing tricks on me. I'm my worse enemy when it comes to food.
I love food, adore food, want sweet yummy food. I took a step back several times yesterday and asked myself, Is it worth it? Is it worth the added weight? The added mental stress from failing again come weigh-in time? Is it worth feeling like a failure? It all led up to one answer NO!
I'm worth trying my hardest for, I'm worth feeling good about my appearance, I'm worth feeling like I can do anything I put my mind to.
Positive affirmation:

I woke up today feeling a whole lot better, cravings are getting better, my shortness with people, a little better. I cant believe I feel so bad when deleting bad things out of my eating plan. Wow, is my word for that, dang I can be a mega bitch when I don't eat chocolate and have my Dew!
I want to live a compassionate life full of adventure and fun, I cant do that if I'm stuck in bed overweight and in pain from my Fibromyalgia!
I will get to this next level of this diet protocol I'm on, it takes 60 straight days to see its benefits on my body(concerning fibro), so 58 days left to go!
 I want so bad to wake up one day and feel no pain what so ever, oh what a blessed day that will be. I'm putting all my faith into this diet protocol. It has to work!
So onto another day, I'm going to try and get out for a walk today. Its been a while, Ive been so sore and tired I have no energy. I hope it helps get me back on track, like I said yesterday, I WILL run again!
Peace Love Joy

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