Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I'm so tired of hearing about people wanting to go on another fad-diet, this includes myself!
I hear about this way and that way to eat, I get all reved up on a diet and it always ends with me being in a sugar binge because of restrictions I put upon myself. Ive seen it time and time again, I hear someone going on a fad diet so they can lose a quick five pounds. They don't realize come this weekend when they binge on there favorite junk-fair those pounds come right back and sometimes even leading to more. I call this the roller coaster of diets that lead to know where!

So is it worth it? Is it worth the long term  effect it has not only to your waistline but to your insides.
I know I want to get off this coaster and get a handle on my eating habits. The only way I see it after so many books and years of fighting this demon is through whole foods. Yes, whole foods! This is what God intended for us to eat and provided us the tools to use our minds to make good food out of whole foods.
It doesn't have to be boring and thinking you cant make your favorite dinner, snacks, etc. You can make tons of different yummy dishes. We all have access to the Internet look up and great recipe and make it with all whole-foods.
 So tomorrow is my weigh in and so I will do whole foods for now on. I cant take the chance on never completing this, I need to complete this. Ive spent to long not being the best me and all along it was in me.
So onto a new week with great new recipes on my horizon!

Today's  challenge:
Find 3 recipes and send them to someone
Have a blessed night

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