Saturday, May 12, 2012

Why Why Why?? I dont know why I can never do it?

I have come to the conclusion, I have a hard time finishing what I start!
They say men are bad? Well they haven't met me!
I keep wondering why I'm like this? Not just with things I start on the house, but with food issues also.
I start going strong one week, then fail the next. I start one morning, and by night my head is stuck in the fridge!
I have to start being accountable for my actions, I feel like a naughty kid sometimes hiding my binges. I just hate it.
I started this hypoglycemic diet this past week and at first I was determined, I read about all the benefits I would receive, but again I failed.
The diet said stay on with no cheats for 2 months straight, and you will feel a ton better, (I have fibro and its one of the diets recommended for me), nope not! I failed again, I always do with food. I have no self control, dam mind, dam food!
So here we are, another party, and I know more temptations are around the corner. I know I will fail, I always do, I just have to figure this out it's driving me mad in the head he he!
So challenge for today:
Every time I eat a bad item I have to do one rep of exercise of choice

Have  blessed weekend and Happy Mothers Day!

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