Friday, January 6, 2012

Let Down

Welcome to day 6!!
Today I want you to go get out that journal again and write down 5 times you felt let down last year. Be it yourself or someone in your life. You don't have to name names but just write down the event that made you feel let down. Then beside that I want you to write down the things that happen as a result to that event and how you dealt with it.
In order to not make past mistakes we need to confront them head on and learn from them and then let it go!

So many times in our lives we come across people that will say a snide remark and  it puts you in a tail spin once you hit that kitchen! Words are powerful and can hurt, the actions you take because of the hurt can change you be it good or bad, the choice is yours!
You can take the words/actions of another person and use it to motivate you or you can choice to be pissy and let them rule the rest of the day with a big binge on food. Again in the end the choice is yours. I heard a lady say the other day, "When you let someone live in your mind free its one day to long, its time to evict". This is so true, you cant harp on their words it will eat up and in the end you are the one hurt not them. Don't give anyone the power to make you feel bad to, be the best you!

Today's challenge is:
Do one thing you never did or had before be it food or exercise
Go out and have a blessed day and remember the tongue is sharp don't cut anyone!

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