Thursday, January 5, 2012


Welcome to day 5!!!

Today I want you to get that famous journal of yours out and fill a page with people who inspire you. List the names and the stories behind them, if it isn't a person that inspired you then write down a belief that inspired you. Why did they inspire you?
I get my inspiration from all over, t.v. magazines, web, people in my life, now what I do with that inspiration is on me. I can say wow, that's so awesome, I would love to be like that or you can take that inspiration and let it guide you into making the changes needed to become what you want in life. The choice is always yours.
 I have come across so many who have said I just cant be like that, in my family we are all big, I cant be fit its in my genes to be fat. I say NO! You might have a family that's big but and yes genes do play a factor but just because its in your heritage doesn't mean its your destiny. We all have a choice everyday to make the decision to pile that food in your mouth and sit there hour after hour. You can make the choice to put you first and say, I'm worth not burying my feelings in a pile of food. Take inspiration from others (including yourself) and use it to motivate you in the right directions. You can always make a excuses, BUT REALLY, who is it hurting!

My challenge for you today is to complete 20 sit ups 3x's today!
So go out there and inspire and be inspired

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