Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Proud Moments

Welcome to day 4!
Today I want you to take out that journal of yours and write down all the proud moments you have had this past year.
Really pour that heart out and give yourself a good pat on the back!

                We need to start treating ourselves with pride so we can see the pride in others.

The love we give is usually hand in hand with the love we are shown. Sometimes we are so busy trying to change others and fix what you think is broken. You don't realize that nothing was broken but the view you seen. If you don't step back sometimes in life you will find yourself missing the boat. Like that saying goes:

Today was my normal weigh-in day and I'm so proud to say I'm down 4.3 lbs from last weigh-in!
The thing I did differently this week was to be accountable. I made my fears, anxieties, wants know. I'm not swallowing it any more!  I wanted to sink into bad habits, but my lovely wife reminded me of my wants and told me it was OK she would be there to remind me of my goals and how bad I wanted it. If I never would have sat down and been honest about my food struggles she would have never known to help me out. She would have went to the store and bought me that calorie filled soda. That's where pride plays a roll, we are to prideful to let others know we are not in control. We want to fix it ourselves but we cant!  So be open and ask for help, with out it you will not have accountability, with accountability you will think twice about that donut. It is so easy for ourselves to have a battle of wills. We will talk to ourselves into eating that donut, making excuses on why it will be OK, making bargains with ourselves to make it OK to go ahead and eat it. When you make yourself accountable to another person you will think twice about it or you can have them help you get over that feeling at the moment. I'm so blessed my wife said to me, you don't need that soda, remember your goal. So I'm proud to say this week was a great loss in lbs!! WOOT WOOT pat on my back.

My challenge for you today is:
get all your water in !!
That simple but so hard sometimes. I have been drinking so much more and I can tell a difference already.
So go into the world today and make it a blessed one!!

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