Monday, January 9, 2012


This week I'm going to work on habits. We have every moment of every day filled with habits. Some of these habits we don't even really know we are doing. So today I want you to pull out that journal and 1: list in there habits you want to change 2. list how you will change them 3. for the rest of this week I need you to place a erase board on your fridge.
Everyday this week you will write (for all to see) what ever you put in your mouth.
lick,suck,taste,nibble, what have you, if it enters your mouth list it!

Today's challenge:
Do something fun for you, massage,nails, what ever makes you feel beautiful.
Have a blessed day and Ill talk with you tomorrow!
Remember the more we acknowledge our habits the better it is, like the saying goes if you know better you will do better!

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