Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Breaking bad habits~ Did you skip Breakfast?

Today we will talk about breakfast, to me this is so very hard to get in. I get up race around getting everything done for everyone around me and I forget to eat until all of a sudden my sugar drops and I feel ill.  I end up grabbing some thing quick and usually sugary. When my blood sugar drops my body naturally screams for sugar to replace what I'm missing, I need to learn to listen to my body. 
 I know for many over weight people this is a set up for a bad day.

 We think if we skip meals and go on fad diets this will help us lose weight. We don't step back and realize it is harming us in so many ways.

 This past week I have eaten breakfast and I'm so surprised how fast my body started telling me I needed it, see before I never was hungry till late afternoon and that's usually when my sugar would drop really low. I didn't realize after so many years skipping breakfast I was creating a bad habit that in the long run would jeopardize my weight loss goals.
It takes so many days to create a good habit or delete a bad habit so with this said this is my challenge for you today.
Make a list of what you will have for breakfast for the next seven days and post it on
Weekly Challenge Group
So go out today and create good habits and be a blessing to someone :)

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