Sunday, January 1, 2012


Welcome to day one girls!

We are blessed to make it another year!
 I know I'm blessed I made it another year. This year is a significant one for me, I turn the big 40! Yikes! But seriously I have been battling this weight demon longer than 20 years and I need to take a big step back and reflect.
Reflect on the past choices, on times I succeeded, times I failed and figure out why is it I'm not obtaining what I want so bad, to be healthy and fit.
So with this coming week I will post 7 days of things I need you to do with me, daily challenges, etc. All will be on the subject of reflections. So on to another year, hope you join me.

Day One
Bucket List

Things you will need for this week:

This will be used in your scrapbook
This will be used in your scrapbook
This will be used in your scrapbook
Bucket List
Write10 things for this New Year
you want to accomplish
This will be logged in your journal

When you get your scrapbook I want you to really take this seriously.
Reflections are coming and if we are to learn and grow we must open our eyes to the past. Heal and learn to let it go.
The choice will always be yours!
In this scrapbook I want you to make the first page your start page
On the start page I want you to place picture of yourself from today
Jan 1, 2012
Make it a 5x7
Around your picture I want you to place your weight and measurements
Make it awesome, use your imagination, and when you are doing this tell that person looking back at you goodbye and hello to the new you!!
(scrapbook will be used through out the 31 days)

Now in your journal I want you to label it Bucket list
Write down 10 things you want to accomplish this year
list 10 ways you will accomplish the 10 things
(journal will be used through out the 31 days)

Challenge for you today:
 Write down a 31 day fitness plan for yourself
I know it seems a lot for the first day but remember a house will fall without a good frame!

So go out today and make it a blessed day!

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