Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I'm so tired of hearing about people wanting to go on another fad-diet, this includes myself!
I hear about this way and that way to eat, I get all reved up on a diet and it always ends with me being in a sugar binge because of restrictions I put upon myself. Ive seen it time and time again, I hear someone going on a fad diet so they can lose a quick five pounds. They don't realize come this weekend when they binge on there favorite junk-fair those pounds come right back and sometimes even leading to more. I call this the roller coaster of diets that lead to know where!

So is it worth it? Is it worth the long term  effect it has not only to your waistline but to your insides.
I know I want to get off this coaster and get a handle on my eating habits. The only way I see it after so many books and years of fighting this demon is through whole foods. Yes, whole foods! This is what God intended for us to eat and provided us the tools to use our minds to make good food out of whole foods.
It doesn't have to be boring and thinking you cant make your favorite dinner, snacks, etc. You can make tons of different yummy dishes. We all have access to the Internet look up and great recipe and make it with all whole-foods.
 So tomorrow is my weigh in and so I will do whole foods for now on. I cant take the chance on never completing this, I need to complete this. Ive spent to long not being the best me and all along it was in me.
So onto a new week with great new recipes on my horizon!

Today's  challenge:
Find 3 recipes and send them to someone
Have a blessed night

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Breaking bad habits~ Did you skip Breakfast?

Today we will talk about breakfast, to me this is so very hard to get in. I get up race around getting everything done for everyone around me and I forget to eat until all of a sudden my sugar drops and I feel ill.  I end up grabbing some thing quick and usually sugary. When my blood sugar drops my body naturally screams for sugar to replace what I'm missing, I need to learn to listen to my body. 
 I know for many over weight people this is a set up for a bad day.

 We think if we skip meals and go on fad diets this will help us lose weight. We don't step back and realize it is harming us in so many ways.

 This past week I have eaten breakfast and I'm so surprised how fast my body started telling me I needed it, see before I never was hungry till late afternoon and that's usually when my sugar would drop really low. I didn't realize after so many years skipping breakfast I was creating a bad habit that in the long run would jeopardize my weight loss goals.
It takes so many days to create a good habit or delete a bad habit so with this said this is my challenge for you today.
Make a list of what you will have for breakfast for the next seven days and post it on
Weekly Challenge Group
So go out today and create good habits and be a blessing to someone :)

Monday, January 9, 2012


This week I'm going to work on habits. We have every moment of every day filled with habits. Some of these habits we don't even really know we are doing. So today I want you to pull out that journal and 1: list in there habits you want to change 2. list how you will change them 3. for the rest of this week I need you to place a erase board on your fridge.
Everyday this week you will write (for all to see) what ever you put in your mouth.
lick,suck,taste,nibble, what have you, if it enters your mouth list it!

Today's challenge:
Do something fun for you, massage,nails, what ever makes you feel beautiful.
Have a blessed day and Ill talk with you tomorrow!
Remember the more we acknowledge our habits the better it is, like the saying goes if you know better you will do better!

Saturday, January 7, 2012


Welcome to day 7!!
One whole week did you do all of it? I hope so because every time we complete a task its one step into making our goals a reality.
I want you to take all the journal entries and place them in the scrapbook.
I'm really looking forward to seeing or hearing about every ones progress this week.
When making your scrapbook really reflect back at this weeks journal entries and look at those pictures. I want you to reflect on what you ave learned and remind yourself every moment you can that, "YOU ARE WORTH IT"!!

Today's challenge:
Do something active with the family

Things you will need for this coming week:
Dry erase board
Have a blessed weekend and go enjoy that family!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Let Down

Welcome to day 6!!
Today I want you to go get out that journal again and write down 5 times you felt let down last year. Be it yourself or someone in your life. You don't have to name names but just write down the event that made you feel let down. Then beside that I want you to write down the things that happen as a result to that event and how you dealt with it.
In order to not make past mistakes we need to confront them head on and learn from them and then let it go!

So many times in our lives we come across people that will say a snide remark and  it puts you in a tail spin once you hit that kitchen! Words are powerful and can hurt, the actions you take because of the hurt can change you be it good or bad, the choice is yours!
You can take the words/actions of another person and use it to motivate you or you can choice to be pissy and let them rule the rest of the day with a big binge on food. Again in the end the choice is yours. I heard a lady say the other day, "When you let someone live in your mind free its one day to long, its time to evict". This is so true, you cant harp on their words it will eat up and in the end you are the one hurt not them. Don't give anyone the power to make you feel bad to, be the best you!

Today's challenge is:
Do one thing you never did or had before be it food or exercise
Go out and have a blessed day and remember the tongue is sharp don't cut anyone!

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Welcome to day 5!!!

Today I want you to get that famous journal of yours out and fill a page with people who inspire you. List the names and the stories behind them, if it isn't a person that inspired you then write down a belief that inspired you. Why did they inspire you?
I get my inspiration from all over, t.v. magazines, web, people in my life, now what I do with that inspiration is on me. I can say wow, that's so awesome, I would love to be like that or you can take that inspiration and let it guide you into making the changes needed to become what you want in life. The choice is always yours.
 I have come across so many who have said I just cant be like that, in my family we are all big, I cant be fit its in my genes to be fat. I say NO! You might have a family that's big but and yes genes do play a factor but just because its in your heritage doesn't mean its your destiny. We all have a choice everyday to make the decision to pile that food in your mouth and sit there hour after hour. You can make the choice to put you first and say, I'm worth not burying my feelings in a pile of food. Take inspiration from others (including yourself) and use it to motivate you in the right directions. You can always make a excuses, BUT REALLY, who is it hurting!

My challenge for you today is to complete 20 sit ups 3x's today!
So go out there and inspire and be inspired

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Proud Moments

Welcome to day 4!
Today I want you to take out that journal of yours and write down all the proud moments you have had this past year.
Really pour that heart out and give yourself a good pat on the back!

                We need to start treating ourselves with pride so we can see the pride in others.

The love we give is usually hand in hand with the love we are shown. Sometimes we are so busy trying to change others and fix what you think is broken. You don't realize that nothing was broken but the view you seen. If you don't step back sometimes in life you will find yourself missing the boat. Like that saying goes:

Today was my normal weigh-in day and I'm so proud to say I'm down 4.3 lbs from last weigh-in!
The thing I did differently this week was to be accountable. I made my fears, anxieties, wants know. I'm not swallowing it any more!  I wanted to sink into bad habits, but my lovely wife reminded me of my wants and told me it was OK she would be there to remind me of my goals and how bad I wanted it. If I never would have sat down and been honest about my food struggles she would have never known to help me out. She would have went to the store and bought me that calorie filled soda. That's where pride plays a roll, we are to prideful to let others know we are not in control. We want to fix it ourselves but we cant!  So be open and ask for help, with out it you will not have accountability, with accountability you will think twice about that donut. It is so easy for ourselves to have a battle of wills. We will talk to ourselves into eating that donut, making excuses on why it will be OK, making bargains with ourselves to make it OK to go ahead and eat it. When you make yourself accountable to another person you will think twice about it or you can have them help you get over that feeling at the moment. I'm so blessed my wife said to me, you don't need that soda, remember your goal. So I'm proud to say this week was a great loss in lbs!! WOOT WOOT pat on my back.

My challenge for you today is:
get all your water in !!
That simple but so hard sometimes. I have been drinking so much more and I can tell a difference already.
So go into the world today and make it a blessed one!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Road Blocks

Welcome to day 3!!
How is it going? Don't fall on your road block!
 This road we are traveling is going to be long and full of blocks. So how are you going to get over the blocks you ask? Well one foot in front of the other and when you come upon a block I want you to reach out and ask for help over it!

So today's task is for you to make a list of road blocks that you have had in the past, be true to yourself and don't hold back!
This will be done in your journal.

The things that tie you bind you! Let them be known so you can heal and let go. I know some times as  women we are faced with so many different types of road blocks in our lives. We go through life on auto pilot. We forget about ourselves and we tend to put others first. Guess what? We were made like that, we are nurturers, mothers,wives,sisters,daughters,aunts,grandmas, etc. We are many things to many people. Now comes the time to figure out what we want as woman. Not to be scared to ask for what we need! I stress this so much, when you lose yourself the rest of your life is sure to follow. So go out today and be kind to you like you are to others, you will find it gives you joy so in turn you will spread the joy!

Challenge for today:
Every time you open the fridge today I want you to do 10 side leg lifts. Each leg!

Have a blessed day and for some inspiration I want you to watch biggest Loser tonight!! Woot Woot!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Note To Self

Welcome to Day 2, I hope all is good and you got through the first day happy and well!!

Today is all about YOU! I want you to write you a note to self. In this note I want you to be free to write all your disappointments and reasons you feel like you have failed in the past.
This will be done in your journal.

With this said I want to share something. I was scared at first to share with you all but I figure in this journey of mine I needed to be free of the burden to get to where I want to be. Honesty is best when you are honest with yourself.
 I was watching a show the other night and I had a AHA moment. It was very interesting I do believe all things happens for a reason. I couldn't figure out why am I watching this show? It was about starving to death, people with anorexia and bulimia. I was in awe because guess what I'm no better. I have come to the conclusion I have a eating disorder and I was blind to it. I always claimed I had a weight problem and for the past 20 years have been filled with , throwing up, diet pills, water pills, detox pills, food restriction, food binges, crazy off the wall diets, and now my body is paying the price. I caught myself planning my restriction day for Jan 1, I figured good excuse I can get away with not eating all day, then I watched the show, like I said everything happens for a reason. I have hypoglycemia and I ended up in the 60's I feel back on my couch and asked my wife to make me something I felt like I was going to faint. I sat there and thought about that show. It was like a light bulb went off and I said I'm restricting again, and the next time it might cost me my life. I truly believe the show was sent to me that day to wake me up. As I went shopping that day I kept going along with the crazy thoughts I have, don't get that its to fattening, get this I can binge later, OMG I was actually realizing I'm a person with a eating disorder.
This is the first time I have made it open, I just told my wife last night about my hidden little secret. I was ashamed but she just said hun anything I can do to help, she said she thought I had a problem after she found all my pills for detox, weight loss, etc. She said she was scared to make me upset so she didn't say anything.
In order for me to figure out why I do these things I need to reflect and really be honest with everyone in my life and in turn I hope to help others. I will ask for help when I need it and I will keep myself accountable.

Challenge for today:
(on top of you fitness plan you made yourself yesterday)
Every time you eat "so called junk" do 10 squats

Now go out there and have a blessed day!

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Welcome to day one girls!

We are blessed to make it another year!
 I know I'm blessed I made it another year. This year is a significant one for me, I turn the big 40! Yikes! But seriously I have been battling this weight demon longer than 20 years and I need to take a big step back and reflect.
Reflect on the past choices, on times I succeeded, times I failed and figure out why is it I'm not obtaining what I want so bad, to be healthy and fit.
So with this coming week I will post 7 days of things I need you to do with me, daily challenges, etc. All will be on the subject of reflections. So on to another year, hope you join me.

Day One
Bucket List

Things you will need for this week:

This will be used in your scrapbook
This will be used in your scrapbook
This will be used in your scrapbook
Bucket List
Write10 things for this New Year
you want to accomplish
This will be logged in your journal

When you get your scrapbook I want you to really take this seriously.
Reflections are coming and if we are to learn and grow we must open our eyes to the past. Heal and learn to let it go.
The choice will always be yours!
In this scrapbook I want you to make the first page your start page
On the start page I want you to place picture of yourself from today
Jan 1, 2012
Make it a 5x7
Around your picture I want you to place your weight and measurements
Make it awesome, use your imagination, and when you are doing this tell that person looking back at you goodbye and hello to the new you!!
(scrapbook will be used through out the 31 days)

Now in your journal I want you to label it Bucket list
Write down 10 things you want to accomplish this year
list 10 ways you will accomplish the 10 things
(journal will be used through out the 31 days)

Challenge for you today:
 Write down a 31 day fitness plan for yourself
I know it seems a lot for the first day but remember a house will fall without a good frame!

So go out today and make it a blessed day!