Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Trust the process!

I have to trust this process of new eating and working out. This is hard when the scale starts creeping up the wrong way. I have worked out like never before and I ended up gaining a few lbs. I know that this always happens when you start something new with your body. My mind says that but man sometimes you just feel like giving up. I have to learn to trust that my body is just trying to figure out what to do with itself, and to be honest with the foods I put in it. No matter how much you exercise if the food intake doesn't match the amount of exercise you do you will never get any where!

So I will trust this process and give it my all. I have a plan, and goal in place and the determination to get there. I will not give up because of what the scale said.

Today was my monthly measurement day and it went ok, I lost 1/2 in on my waist, 1/2 in on  my hips. All the other body parts stayed the same. I wasn't to pleased because of the amount of working out I've been doing but I have to remember that with the loss of fat and the gain of muscle my body is changing and I do feel that with my clothes. Again I have to trust the process!

The exercise I did this past week:
Ran 10 miles total
Jillian shred dvd 7x
1020 squats
675 crunches
555 seconds of planks
555 triceps push ups

Was hard but I did it! Onto a new week, I will trust my body will conform and do what I need it to do. I have to stick to the plan and know one day I will succeed.

                                              My inspiration for this week:

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