Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Self Sabotage!


This past week has been an adventure for sure. I have had laughs, heartache, and feeling the blues. What does this do to the mind? Well let me count the Twinkies!

When I get into a funk or feeling happy I eat, then comes the point of dam I have to get this under control weigh-in is coming up. This week I did have a loss, it was .4th of a lb. This is not what a person who works out an hour a day should lose. I should have been at goal by September but since I have pissed away the days with food set backs, I will not make my goal. So I have set a new goal for Dec 31st 2013. I will be at goal!

How can I do this? Simple fact is, I have to get out of my own way! I cant always say, ok I can have that treat, its your birthday after all. I can have that treat I worked out hard today. I can eat that because I'm so pissed of at you, I will show you. I can eat that because I'm craving something sweet. the list goes on and on with all these mind games we play with ourselves, justifying why we are allowed to eat these foods. I need to get rid of the excuses and get moving forward to the person I want to be.

I'm an emotional eater and I have to learn my triggers and instead of eating my feelings, try to use the skills I have learned and self talk my way out of it.

My workouts for this week:
7 miles running ( 1 mile a day)
7 days Jillian shred dvd

My inspiration for this week:


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