Thursday, June 27, 2013

Got the UMPH!

The last few weeks have been all trials and errors as I try to get into my grove of getting healthy. It is a everyday battle, wait! who am I kidding, it is a every second of the day battle. I battle the urge to eat bad things, I battle the umph to get up off the couch and bust out a workout, I battle when a loved one offers me bad things, it is hard and some times I just give in.

As I was watching my fav show, I was in awe of the progress he was making, but noticed in his eyes he looked weak. Well just as I predicted he was cutting corners and not eating well. His Dr. said he was malnourished. I was surprised at that, you can be malnourished and still over weight. This happens when you cut corners and starve yourself, thinking it will help you lose faster. I have come to understand this just isn't the way to go. You can kill yourself by this and that price just isn't worth it!

So as I go in to another week of tweaking my diet and workout routine, I will be conscious of what my body feels like when I eat and when I work out. I will not be so fixated n the scale but how I feel. I have be to compulsive about that scale, I will keep logging my weight every week but I wont get side tracked on what it says. Getting in touch with why I do things is key.

                           So I got my UMPH and I'm going to Gitterdone!

                                          My inspiration for this week:

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