Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Never give up!

Some days I just want to give up! I get so frustrated!! I have all the answers but don't apply them to get the results I want. I had a gain this week and wasn't a good feeling, but last night while I ate those chips and had a sandwich It was running through  my mind the whole time, Shawn this isn't going to be come weigh-in tomorrow, but I chose to go ahead and just eat. I just gave up in that moment, I didn't want to give a crap, I just felt like I needed salt.
During the day I set myself up for failure. I had a busy day, started off good, had awesome healthy breakfast, worked out hard, and enjoyed the morning. Then came after noon, I had bills to pay and places to be, I got ran around from one of them and ended up missing a meal. I did want to stop and eat at fast food place, but talked myself out of it. I went to the store to return a item and thought I would get some seaweed salad and have a quick meal on the road. I patted myself on my back, I didn't cave in and eat junk, believe me it was hard and I literally had to self talk my way out of it.
 By the time I got home I was so hungry and dinner was in another hour. I ate dinner, it was another healthy meal, was so good! An hour passed and I started to get my nightly sweet/salty tooth. Ugh how I hate this tooth!! I had to eat something so I chose a special k crisp, 100 calories yes! Was yummy!! I few hours passed and then came the salty tooth kicking in and I just wanted those dam chips. Well what goes better with chips than a bologna sandwich, right? So I made a sandwich, oh did I forget that peanut butter sandwich I ate earlier,(I actually stole it from my wife she had made it for herself and I walked by her and said yum that looks good can I have one? So she gave me hers) oh yeah I did forget to mention that :/ It was apart of my sweet tooth munch! Back to the salty tooth munch, I ate it and after I felt like crap and headed off to bed.
I woke up this morning early after a terrible night sleep and felt like crap. Why does this happen?? The food is worse than any other drug out there I swear! I need to be in a rehab lol. So today I will make my plan and follow through and each day reach out to my support people in my life. I cant let all the hard work be in vein. I workout so hard and have no results to show for it. I need to get my food on track like my training is.
So onto a new week!!

My workouts this past week:
7.346 miles ran
2 days Jillian shred dvd
1 day Aerobic body shaping dvd
1 day Jiggle free abs dvd
2 rest days :) after 31 days straight workouts I needed it!

My inspiration for this coming week:

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