Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Day 30 last day clean eating (tues)

Day 30!
I made it to day 30! Not like I was an angel though, I cheated a handful of times, nibble her nibble there, but it does add up. I didn't feel all that good about the cheats but I'm OK over all with the past 30 days. So my last day went good I managed to do the whole day clean.
I did Jillian's DVD today was another killer workout! That is # 2 workout for this week :)
Things I learned the past month:
1. I'm very Moody when it comes to food
2. I know how to say NO
3. I like feeling good about myself and my accomplishments
4. I can do anything I put my mind to
5. I will put me first because without that I'm no good to others
6. I love how good foods give me have energy
7. I hate how bad foods make my tummy feel bloated and sick
8. Funny but I enjoy having regular BM's lol
9. I love that I can eat lots and lose weight
10. I'm worth being happy!
Here is some inspiration:

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