Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Day 29 Clean eating (mon)

Day 29
What a day this has been!
In the A.M. every weekday I get kids up and going for school, come home get brother up and going with his stuff, then do this and that before you know it I haven't eaten or exercised! I always put myself last, well not today my friends!
I took kids to school, quickly took care of brothers needs, talked to my councilor and I looked at the clock and dang the a.m. was almost over, I could have walked away and said no time, but I didn't!
I had some issues getting things started but I managed to squeeze in a good workout. I started a DVD from Jillian and dang I was sweaty and sore on my first  workout lol.
I was proud of myself that I didn't make excuses, I buckled down and did it and after I did I felt awesome, sore but awesome non the less!
So the comes the eating equation of this day. I can say it was another daunting day, I hate when my brain starts slipping into old habits. I've made a conscious decision to change this and everyday I make progress. Today was hard because I just didn't feel like eating healthy, but I did. I didn't feel like exercising, but I did. Its all a journey to self.
So here is what was on my menu for today:
protein drink made w/rice milk
no this wasn't to clean but had only a few bites of it:
(got take out to bring home)
chicken,Cole slaw, baked beans, biscuit, mashed potato
So the night was a bust of sorts but not feeling all to bad I only had a few bites and I found out something, good food taste better when its fresh and not processed!
Here is my verse for today because I DO love myself :)

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