Monday, March 4, 2013

Day 27 & 28 clean eating (weekend)

Day 27 & 28
The weekend is here and with it many choices to be good or just cave in, well this weekend I had a few challenges.
Its seems to me that the closer  get to the end of this the more I want to be defiant. I'm not sure why but I'm sure there is some psychoanalytical reason why? I just haven't found this out yet or else I wouldn't have a weight issue.
So sat I stayed OK until lunch I ended going out with family, good intentions, yeah right, the moment I stepped foot in a Mexican place and smelled all the smells I wanted to eat!
I made it through the rest with nibbles of bad here and there. This being my last weekend I kind of, in a weird way, gave myself permission to cheat. I was explaining it away in my head to justify this nibble that nibble. In the end I just know this demon is a big one and no matter how you think you are going to conquer it, it always comes back and gets yeah! This is by far a mental illness problem, why else would someone talk them selves out of eating? Eating has become a social thing and its hard not to gather and socialize over yummy foods. There is no way around food, we need it to live, to survive. Now to learn to eat to live not live to eat!
So with that said here is my weekends menu:
Sat day 27
1/4th of burrito was hard on tummy :(
chips and salsa w/avocado
Dr. pepper
1/4th left over again my stomach turned and I wouldn't eat it
weird right! Tells me my stomach now has limits
Sun day 28
protein drink made w/rice milk
rice pasta w/ red Turkey sauce
Cinnamon roll :( was looking at me hard!
Here is a verse for this weekend:

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