Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Get back on track!

It has been a long time since I wrote in this blog, so I thought I should start again. This has been a trait I need to change. These are tools to use to lose weight and again I'm not using my tools. I also wanted to start taking pics of myself every 10 lbs I lose, again another tool I will use. I made a page in this blog dedicated to this, tab at top of blog page.

I want to get back on track, I feel off the wagon for a minute gained weight the past 2 weeks, time to get control and get back in charge! In order to keep to my goal, I need to get with it. I'm losing time and I cant get that back. I don't want to have a few months pass and realize I'm in the same place. I want to progress!
So for now on I will blog weekly and keep track of my progress through pictures. I will use the tools that are out there and really use them. Not just admire everyone Else's progress and grand after photos.

                       My challenge for this next week is to not eat after 8pm. 

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