Sunday, March 3, 2013

Day 26 Clean eating NOT (fri)

Day 26
Today is Friday, yeah TGIF!!! But also it is the birthday of my wonderful wife. So of course I have tons of plans I want to make sure happen without a hitch. I was on stress level 1000%! I had a wonderful day planned of presents throughout the whole day. Well my plans did go right, all fell into place.
The only thing that was off was my eating! It was all over the board today. As I said in the blog 25 I didn't plan or create a way to fend of bad choices. In the a.m. I was so hungry, and that was because the day before I just didn't eat enough. I ended up paying for it today with low blood sugars and a head hurting. So here is what was on the menu for today:
fast food fish
1/2 Fri
5 sips of soda
chicken thigh
birthday cake 1 1/2 pieces
handful of nuts
I was disappointed at myself today but know what i wont beat myself up for it, tomorrows a new day!
Bible verse for today:

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