Monday, December 1, 2014

Goals goals and more goals....

As the years pass  I became an expert on excuses, and why my weight just wasn't budging. I said it was medication I was taking, I was sore from arthritis and Fibro, I just didn't have time to workout, I had kids to take care of, you name it I thunk it and said it. What changed? Me, I just cant stand to sit back and lose another decade to obesity, as well as losing my life over a dam piece of junk food. I had to really dig deep and figure out what was my triggers etc, I will dive more into it in another blog.
This one I want to focus on goals. It doesn't have to be a grand goal, just little baby ones to get you to that grand one. I set my goals very little because in the past I was a all or nothing type of gal, If say I didn't obtain a goal when time was up, I would just beat myself up about it, and in the end gain more weight then when I started. What a viscous cycle isn't it?!
This past goal was to get to another pants #, when I started this journey a few decades ago my pant size was a 28. I still cant believe I was that big, I was such an expert camouflage girl, always was good at that, until this day people always say I didn't think you were that big, guess I wore it well. But #'s don't lie, I was 260 lb size 28 wearing young woman.
Well this morning on the way to the gym, I remembered I forgot to bring my pants, I knew I had a client to take care of today, so I went to store. I grabbed real quick a 12, but then I took a step back and said, well for giggles Im going to try on a 10. Well hot diggidy dog they fit!!
 If you never had a weight problem you just wont get it!
I did a little dance in the dressing area and I have to say first time I left smiling. I just kept looking at myself thinking holy crap is this me? I haven't been this size for a few decades! I cant say it enough, you can do what ever you put your mind too, you just have to believe it and stop listening to those little voices that say you cant.
If I can do it anyone can!!
So my next goal:
hit 160 by Dec 31st 2014
Lets do this!!
It is all up to you, you are the author of your story...Make it a grand one!!
peace, health, happiness

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