Tuesday, December 9, 2014

open eyes can see

The past few months have been a real test of will and determination for me. When I fractured my foot and hurt my shoulder, I thought to myself, now how am I going to keep losing this weight? I, for the past year, put all my efforts into running as a form of not only weight loss, but a sense of freedom I get while running. I thought how am I going to use my new found therapy, if I cant workout?
Then one day while reading my thousandth magazine on weight loss, I came to the realization, hello Shawn, you are a C.P.T. what the hell! Use this knowledge of cross training, and training with disabilities and keep moving. Train yourself!
I dove head in and read anything about weight training, strength training, cross training, and cardio for people with foot issues. I watched YouTube videos and learned, if I just open my eyes, I will see clearly what I need to do to still work toward my goals even though I have disabilities. This video gave me inspiration:


When you just diet and do one form of workout, you miss so many benefits of weight bearing exercises. I cant express enough once you open your eyes to that, your fitness will change dramatically. As we diet and don't utilize weight bearing exercises in our weekly activities, we end up with a dreaded look of sag. You must fill that sag with muscle, and you need to get that by some form of weight training. No I'm not saying become a body builder, or bulk up like the Hulk, I'm just saying it will help that sagging skin dramatically, by filling that left over skin with some muscle your body takes on a whole new appearance. 
Look at that Picture above, look at all those benefits. So in this journey we are taking to lose weight, let us not forget, its not just about the weight loss, but the main loss we want is the dreaded FAT loss!
So open them eyes up and see!

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