Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Dont give up!

I will no longer track my exercises on here. I have been logging them on
It has been a great tool to track my workouts and see the progression I'm making. If you are interested in following me on there, my handle is shawnduncan72, will be great to see you there as well.

I want to really focus on here (blog) my journey to health and wellness. So with this said I want to touch on the subject of giving up, or in some cases, giving into the pressures of life.

In the past I really focused on food, food was such a enemy of mine. It ruled my every waking moment. How did I change this? I haven't, I just don't think it ever goes away, you just learn to start listening to your body. I find as I get older I tend to reach for foods that agree with me.  My tummy usually tells me what it wants and what doesn't agree with it. You have to find what foods make you feel better and what ones make you feel like you will have a belly ache from hell. So it is getting easier to manage my binging, my food preferences have changed as I work out more. I need a lot more of things I never thought Ide try before.

When people ask if I'm on a strict diet, I say, NO! I come to the conclusion it doesn't matter what type of hype diet you get on, you will, mark my words, gain as soon as you are off it. The trick, I believe, is to listen to what your body craves, if it craves a piece of chocolate, give it a piece, just know and be aware of the temptation of binging. Always the choice is yours!

In the past few decades I cant tell you how many times I have quit. I often wonder if I just stuck to it in my 20's how would my life would have been. I didn't have the courage to be the best me, I let others issues become my own and I just stop caring.
As I'm coming to the point of reaching a big mile stone, (my 100 lb weight loss) I get nervous and sometimes feel so much pressure, but I remember why I started. When you get told you cant it has a way of lighting a big fire under your rear! I will never give up on myself again. I know I'm worth being fit and healthy at any age I am.
So please remember this too, YOU ARE WORTH IT!
My weigh-in this week = 173.1
peace, health, happiness

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