Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Weekly workout Nov

Monday Nov. 10th 2014
Dead lift w/triceps pull back 4x5 130 lbs
Seated leg press 4x5 210 lbs
Hamstring machine 4x5 20 lbs
Squat machine 4x5 60 lb single leg squat
Seated leg curl machine 4x5 60 lbs
Leg extension machine 4x5 60 lbs
Octane machine 2.63 miles in 15 min.
Tuesday Nov. 11th
Band work for rehab shoulder
Wednesday Nov. 12th
Band work for rehab shoulder
Thursday Nov. 13th
Friday Nov. 14th
Seated leg press 1x5 210 lb, 3x5 230
Hamstring machine 4x5 30 lbs
Seated leg curl machine 4x5 50 lbs
Leg extension machine 4x5 50 lbs
Adductor machine 87.5 lbs
Abductor machine 87.5 lbs
Torso rotation machine 4x5 80 lbs each side
Octane machine 1 mile forgot to write time
Saturday Nov. 15th
Rear Delt Machine 1x10 30 lbs 2x10 50 lbs
Cybex machine Lat pull-down 4x5 60 lbs
Cybex machine rope triceps pull-down 4x10 50 lbs
Back extension machine 4x10 100 lbs
Octane machine 2.83 miles in 15 min.
Sunday Nov. 16th
Torso rotation machine each side 3x5 80lbs
Abs coaster machine (might I say crazy machine lol) 3x10 30 lbs
Abs crunch machine 1x10 50 lbs couldn't finish set impingement hurt trying to lift arm on pad to do crunch. This one will be a NO NO exercise until after rehab of shoulder.
Abs machine 4x10 45 lbs did oblique's only
Torso rotation machine, round 2, each side 3x10 80 lbs
Wrist exercises w/dumbbell 3x10 3 lb
Between fractured foot, shoulder impingement, death in the family, my car engine taking a poop, I managed to still fit in my workouts. I had the choice to just have my boo hoos and cover my head and not do a dang thing. Mind you I did do that for a day. I gave myself a day off to just cry, vent to loved ones, and then I got a grip and got my focus back.
In life we have 3 choices, one, take what life gives you, two, give up, three, fight for what you are entitled to have. Health and happiness!
As many times life has knocked me down, from some where deep inside I have a fire burning, telling me never to quit. I often forget that fire is there, but thank goodness I have a great support system, she is amazing in keeping me motivated, my dear love, I thank goodness for her.
So in your days that are filled with kids fighting, people bitching, bills hounding, remember you need to find time to better you. If you don't you will be as miserable as the problems chasing you.
Peace, health,happiness

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