Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Weekly workout- Nov 3-9 2014

November 3-9 2014 workouts

Nov 3 

Nov 4th
did circuit
chest press/row
ab crunch/back extension
chest fly/reverse fly
pull down/shoulder press
hip sled
bicep curl/triceps extension
leg extension
did 2 circuits 1 min per exercise

Nov 5th

Nov 6th

Nov 7th

Nov 8th
Cable cross machine twist 4x5 40 lbs
Cable cross machine twist 1x10 30 lbs
Abs machine 3x10 60 lbs
Dead lift w/triceps row 3x10 110 lbs.
Hammer curls 3x10 each side 15 lbs.
Cybex triceps rope pull down 1x10 50 lbs., 1x10 60 lbs.
Cybex lat pull-down  1x10 60 lbs., 1x5 70 lbs.
Back extension 2x10 110 lbs.
Seated leg press 2x10 210 lbs.
Leg extension 1x10 50 lbs., 1x10 70 lbs.
Seated leg curl 3x5 70 lbs.
Hip adduction 3x10 75 lbs.
Hip abduction 3x10 70 lbs.
Torso rotation 3x10 each side 80 lbs 
Octane machine 10 min 1.88 miles

What a fun new machine we have at the gym, Do to foot fracture I have had to redo my cardio plan. So I started using a recumbent bicycle, I really hated it, so when I seen our gym had a new machine I tried it. I really enjoy the workout and finally broke a sweat. Here is a video to let you see what I have been using since I cant run yet.

Nov 9th

Belly on ball w/3 lb. barbell shoulder lateral raise 4x10
Green band P.T. workout for 20 minutes for shoulder pain I have been having
Black band alternating bicep curl 4x10
Rear Deltoid machine 4x10 50 lbs.
Fly machine  4x10 9 lbs
Lateral raise machine 4x10 12.5 lbs.
Cybex bicep/tricep 4x10 30lbs.

This week has been full of trials and heart aches. for a minute I let all other things in my life get to me. I forgot to remember the bigger picture of life instead of worrying about things out of my control. It is funny as woman we want to do all and be all for our families. It is not until you humble your self and ask for help, that you truly find in you what you knew you had all along, STRENGTH! 
So no excuses my dears, get out and be the best you!


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