Wednesday, October 8, 2014

You have the key!

Can you believe it, we are now in the 10th month of this year! Has it went as planed? How many of you just threw in the white flag?

I have had many ups and many downs, but for the most part I'm on track to making my goal by Dec 31st. I'm excited on so many levels, but in another token, scared as all get out. I have 18 lbs to reach my 100 lb weight loss since I started this journey so many years ago. I have gained and loss this so many times. Now I'm dedicated to keep it off. I have 38 lbs to go to reach my all time goal of 140 lbs. I know I will get there so keep in touch and watch me work :)

Why is it we put so much pressure on ourselves? I know for me it is the fact someone once told me I was going to end up a no body, fat, and unlovable. I once used these words to fuel my food addiction, now I use these haunting words to fuel my workouts.

We all hold the key to our own happiness. Some may just not have the will or want to use that key. The just keep it in their back pocket in fear of what may lay ahead of them on the other side of that door. There is something comfortable being over weight. No one bugs you with unnecessarily whistles. No one borrows our clothes. No one expect anything from you. You just blend in and stay out of view of others around you. Then reality hits you dead square in the eye, you pass a mirror and there is no hiding the fact you are unhealthy, wishing you could just blend in. Funny how blending in works, isn't it?

So why are you not using that key? Happiness is just on the other side of the door. What you waiting for?

Tomorrow I will start posting my daily workouts with pics, time to get this machine in fine tune :)
Best to you and yours may you have a healthy and happy day!

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