Monday, October 20, 2014

Workouts for Oct 13-19

Workout Log for Oct 13-19
Monday 13th
Cardio Circuit
Stair Master 15 flights in 5 minutes
Treadmill .5 miles @ 5 in 5:29
Stair Master 15 flights in 4:11
Treadmill .5 miles @ 5 in 5:33
Helix 1 mile in 9:25
Strength Training
Triceps kick backs on ball, overhead, bent over, 3x10 w/10 lb. dumbbell
Bicep seated concentration 10 each side
Bicep forward and backward standing curls 10 each side
Kettle bell shrug 3x10 20 lb.
Lat pull-down with rope, bar, 3x10 30 lb. single arm 10 each arm 30 lb.
Stretch 15 min
Tues. 14th.
Strength Training
Seated leg press 3x10 170 lbs.
Cable Cross machine hamstring kick back 3x10 30 lbs.
Calf machine 2x10 30 lbs. 20 100 lbs.
Leg extension machine 3x10 50 lbs.
Hip adduction machine 3x10 75lbs
Hip abduction machine 3x10 75 lbs.
Squats w/weighted ball 3x10 20lbs.
Stretch 15 min.
Wed. 15th
Treadmill 2 miles @ 5.2 in 23:17
Strength Training
Triceps cable machine #7 10/30lbs
Ab machine 3x10 front, both sides
Rope pull down 3x10 40 lbs.
Modular Lat pull-down 3x10 50 lbs.
176.1 lbs.
Thurs. 16th
Stair Master 15 flights in 4:52
Treadmill .5 miles @ 5.5 in 5:37
Stair Master 15 flights in 3:52
Treadmill .5 miles @ 5.5 in 5:35
Stair Master 15 flights in 4:07
Treadmill .5 @ 5.5 in 5:33
Strength Training
Ab Machine front, both sides 3x10 30 lbs.
Leg press 3x10 170 lbs.
Cable Cross machine hamstring kick back 3x10 30 lbs.
Stretch 15 min.
Fri. 17th
Helix (rolling hills) 1.89 miles in 20 min.
Precor c846i bike 2 miles in 14:37
Strength Training
Ab Machine front, both sides 3x10 40 lbs.
Cable Cross machine wood chop high to low 3x10 45 lbs.
Bicep machine # 8 2 arm curl  10 @ 35 lbs.
Bicep Machine # 8 concentrated curl 10 @ 35 lbs.
Lat Machine #4 10 @ 35 lbs.  10 @ 40 lbs. 10 @ 45 lbs.
Stretch 15 min.
SAT. 18th-OFF
Sun. 19th
Bike 2 miles in 13:11
Strength Training
Cable Cross machine hamstring kick back 3x10 35 lbs.
Calf machine # 3 3x10 120 lbs.
Seated leg press 3x10 170 lbs.
Ab machine side bends 3x10 each side 50 lbs.
Abductor machine 3x10 75 lbs.
Adductor machine 3x10 75 lbs.
Russian side twist lunges 3x10 each side w/weighted ball 20lbs.
Side to side squats w/resistance band (med) 3x10 w/weighted ball 20 lbs.
Stretch 15 min.
The end of a long week!
I have had a few struggles with low glucose levels. Not sure if it is because In raised my workout up to a hr to hr 1/2? This week I will work really hard on learning correct fueling. It has been so hard to eat right when I get up, I'm always so nauseated in the morning, but after my episode at the gym I will make sure to fuel correctly, falling out in front of strangers is not my goal in this.
Goals for this coming week:
To work on food intake, I will eat every 2-3 hrs. 
Eating less processed food
Get the sleep I need to recover from the workouts
Have a blessed week all!
Live healthy, happy, and wise

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