Monday, October 27, 2014

Workouts for Oct. 20th-26th 2014

Monday Oct. 20th 2014

Helix intervals 20 min 1.85 miles
Triceps #7 machine 1x10 @ 30 lbs., 2x10 @ 25 lbs.
Bicep #8 machine 3x10 @ 30 lbs.
Abs machine front 1x10 @ 25 lbs. Both side 1x10 @ 30 lbs.
Modular Lat pull-down 1x10 @ 50 lbs., 2x10 @ 40 lbs.
Bicep with free weight 3x10 @ 15 lbs. alternating bicep
Shoulder abduction on ball w/free weight 3x10 @ 5 lbs.
Stretch 15 min.

Tuesday Oct. 21st 2014

Recumbent bike 2 miles in 11 min.
Precor machine 1 mile in 13:11min.
Weighted walking lunge 3x10 20 lbs.
Rotary calf machine 4x10 110 lbs.
Kettle bell pass through walking lunge 3x10 25 lbs.
Dead lift w/bar 1x10 70 lbs., 1x10 90 lbs., 1x10 110 lbs.
Ball slam 3x10 @ 12 lb. ball
Single leg dead lift w/kettle bell 3x10 each side w/ 25 lb. kettle bell
Stretch 15 min.

Wednesday Oct. 22nd 2014

Swim 2 hrs.

Thursday Oct. 23rd. 2014

Off- had a yard sale, and let me tell you I was sore come Friday and I have the bruises to show for all the hard work I did lol!

Friday Oct. 24th. 2014

Cable cross machine / wood chop high to low 3x10 @ 35 lbs.
Cable cross machine / wood chop low to high 3x10 @ 35lbs.
Abs machine / did oblique 3x10 each side @ 50 lbs.
Bicep #8 machine concentration curl left shoulder hurt so did 10 @ 35 lbs.
right arm 5 @ 50 lbs. 5 @ 35 lbs.
Modular Lat pull-down 5 @60 lbs. 5 @70 lbs. 5 @60 lbs.
Triceps pull down 3x5 @60 lbs.
Dead lift w/bar  3x10 110 lbs.
Stretch 15 min.

Saturday Oct. 25th. 2014

Swim 2 hrs.

Sunday Oct. 26th. 2014


I have had to modify my workouts due to my shoulder and foot pain. I made appointment w/Dr. to see if I have stress fracture in foot, not happy this will put a halt to my running for a while. So I will be making modifications to my cardio and strength training for the next 8 weeks.

Make this coming week a good one!! Your body does not lie, it does reflect what we eat and physically do throughout the week, so go make a beautiful reflection!!

peace, health,happiness

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