Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Another goal!

At the beginning of the year everyone always gets on the weight loss band wagon. Some fall off and some complete the goal of losing the lbs. they wanted.
I started out like many, wanting to make sure I made this the year, the year I would get fit. So like many others I ate good, exercised my butt off and the lbs. started dropping. Then by mid March the excuses started setting in, the feeling of "I want to lose weight" faded away. I stared gaining my lbs., slowly back, then I realized dam it is June already and I haven't made any process, I'm not sure why I was surprised with how I was eating. This birthday party, that special occasion, so many excuses.
So with renewed spirit of weight-loss I vow again to myself to be the best shape of m life by Jan 1st 2014!
This past week I have been doing ok in the food department. I still have issues with sweets. They are hard for me, it seems worse now I'm on steroids for my asthma. I will not give up, I will not give in or quit! I did manage to lose 1 lb. this past week. How?? Not sure, you got me?? Seems the times I don't watch what I eat is the time I lose, go figure!
My workouts this past week I completed:
1 mile run
2 mile run
1 mile run
Goal for this coming week:
Drink and eat less sugary stuff eat more veggies
My inspiration for this coming week:

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