Sunday, September 1, 2013

Day 1 of 30 day challenge

So today is day one of tracking on this new challenge. I forgot how I hated tracking calories. I hate the adding etc., it is just daunting. I have to say this will be one hard 30 days. Bonus though is the possibility to win some cash!
I entered the Diet Bet and so far the bet is over $11,000.00 wow! I'm excited and pumped. I'm just not all that excited about the food tracking. I hate it, but have come to the conclusion this is what I must do to stop this vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting. I need to learn how to balance my foods and not go all gun-ho on plans I have learned about. It is causing me to have a real full blown eating disorder.
So my plan for next month is kick ass in the food department so it matches my workouts.
My workouts this past week I completed:
none took a week off after my race (by the way was super fun)
Goal for this coming week:
Track, track, track, O yeah track some more....
My inspiration for this coming week:
$11,500in the pot

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