Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wake up!

Well I'm up 1.6 lbs this week :(
I'm not happy with myself at all!!
I made not so good choices and most of them was because I was full of emotions and I ate to comfort myself. I was like on auto zone and didn't even care what the outcome was. As always 2 days before I knew I had to weigh-in I tried to make better food choices. I know this happens all the time. The day of weigh-in usually I eat a little more than I should, saying to myself, its OK I have 6 more days to work it off. Then comes the 2nd day and I usually make one of several to do list and the goals I want to accomplish for the week. I read articles about weight loss, look to see if there is new diets I can try, all the things that I know I already did the week before. Then I usually hit the weekend not giving a hoot and drink and eat things I shouldn't. I self medicate with food because that's what my brain has been hot wired to do. By the time Monday hits I say dam I have 2 days until weigh-in I better get with it. The vicious cycle continues.
I need to break away from these vices. I have to just except the people in my life that cause me stress need not be in it. No matter how much pain I am in because of it I have faith all things will be as it should.
With all this said I will make an effort this week to really look at myself and figure out why I jump to food every time I have a issue.
 I will use my support system and get back to working toward my goal. I slipped but I will not fall!!
So onto a new week, with new eyes.
Here is my inspiration for this week:

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