Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Big Secret to life...

I just love this quote from Oprah! It made me think, wow, this is so true! I'm always looking for the almighty secret to weight loss. Well honey there is only one and it is to get off your ass and work, close that fridge and mouth and all will fall into place.
Now tell my mind that and all will be A OK hahaha!

For the past few weeks I have had little weight losses. 1/2 lb here, 1/2 lb there. But I keep telling myself in the end it adds up. I'm proud to say I'm not discouraged and the fire is still burning, slow and steady. I WILL NOT give up!

My last 2 challenges was hard but I was so happy that I completed it. I made it clear to myself the only one in my way is me. I don't know what it is that stops me some days, but I'm working every second of every minute of every day to find out more about why I do the things I do. I may never figure it out but I will never give up on me.

My food intake is still going good, few treats here and there but I always keep myself in check. I try my hardest to get whole, organic foods. It is costly but like I have read so many times before, so is the E.R. when your body breaks down from all the chemicals in the foods out there. So I will pay the price to eat well. I have found if you shop in season and buy wisely, like using coupons, it isn't to bad on the wallet.

This last month has been a big eye opener for me, I was in the E.R. with a severe asthma attache and almost died. It made me reevaluate what I want out of life. I don't ever want to feel that helpless again. I pride myself on being a strong woman and try to inspire others. I need to step back and do that for myself. Lately I have been doing just that. I take baths with meditation music, I workout every day, I quit smoking, I eat good foods. I feel the best I have in years! No turning back for me NO WAY!

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