Tuesday, October 1, 2013

One foot in front of the other...keep on swimming....

This past month has been a trip and a half! As you can see by my pics, I have had some progression in the firming up department. Hours of running, sit ups, weights, etc. paid off. I really didn't realize it until I looked at the 2 pics side by side. I was shocked at how far down my belly has gone. I wore the same exact stuff so I can start seeing my progression, my shorts look totally different, was very awesome to see :)

I completed the diet bet and squeezed on by with a grand total of 8 lbs. gone in a month, and by how these pictures look side by side I'm sure it was all fat!
I joined another diet bet and I will also do another before and after pic. I plan on doing these bets until I'm at goal weight, keeps me accountable when $$ is involved.

I learned this past month that I can do anything I put my mind to, I always give great advise and I'm finally taking my own. I have overcome many obstacles to be able to put me first and I'm finally feeling worthy enough to do this. I thank my wonderful wife for always encouraging me to put me first and work on making myself happy. I'm blessed to have the support system I need now, time to utilize them!

Don't ever give up I know I wont!!

My workouts this past week I completed:
Jillian I-fit 20 min level 1-incline 4
30 sit ups
30 crunches
15/15 step up
5k in 38:55, this was my 5th 5k!! I have 45 to go to make my 50 by 50 :)
Jillian I-fit 20 min level 1-incline 9
60-arms, 60-legs, 30 abs
Goal for this coming week:
make good food choices
track, track, and track some more, 1 serving = measure, measure, measure!!
workout 5 times no matter what!!
My inspiration for this coming week:

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