Sunday, December 29, 2013

End chapter in the book of 2013

As I look back at the past year so many things rush to my mind. To put it all in words would take a million years. So I will do my best to summarize my year and let you know my goals for this coming year.

This year had its ups and downs. I have come to the conclusion all things will come and end in its own time. You have to be open to change, open your heart to let it all in. I, for so many years, closed my mind and thought to possibilities within my reach. I prided on my positive attitude in life, but as soon as I felt someone wasn't doing me right, my positive attitude went right out the window.

In this search of losing weight, I've also unknowingly, found a piece of me I loss. The ability to really step back and know all things happen for a reason and I'm not in control of it, but I'm in control on how it makes me feel and respond.

As soon as I was able to let go of control and just enjoy living, I found that I'm able to be happy, without feeling like I'm hurting others by being happy. I can lose weight and enjoy the rewards of being smaller. I don't have to keep this weight on because it makes someone else unhappy and miserable about themselves. We are worthy of feeling and enjoying happiness. As long as I live, I will never forget the lesion, this year has taught me.

How will I apply this to the coming year? I will make sure in all that I do, I bring and enjoy happiness. It sounds crazy and radical, but I truly believe that happiness is a choice to chose to be or not to be period! Energy in your own being is so strong it can and will move mountains. You have to just believe!

Here is the list of runs I did this year:

Glow run 5k
Octoberfest run 5k
Grand Haven Turkey trot run 5k
Whoville run 5k
Virtual run 5k

I have these 7 runs planned for the coming year:

Winter blast
Tulip time
Kick-off to summer
Girls on the run
Coast guard

 In my goal to hit 50 by my 50th birthday, I will do my best to stay on track, not let anything detour my intent. I WILL SUCCEED!

Sending good vibes, and best wishes, from my page to yours!
Shawn Duncan

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